President Trump pushed back Thursday on a potential deal to avert a government shutdown, insisting funding for a border wall be included. 

Lawmakers were at a standstill over the president’s demands for $5 billion to fund the wall, but the White House backed off that position this week, leading the Senate to pass a a stopgap measure that did not include new funds for the wall. 

Trump took heavy criticism from conservatives Wednesday, including author Ann Coulter, who said he would "have no legacy whatsoever" if he failed to deliver on the promise of a border wall. 

In a series of tweets Thursday, Trump signaled that he would fight for the border wall funds to be included in the spending bill, calling a meeting with House Republicans. 

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Speaking on "America's Newsroom," former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said the president must veto any spending bill that does not include the wall funding, even if the government is partially shut down. 

"Then he can stand up and say, 'I have done everything I can to protect our border,'" said Homan, explaining Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will be forced back to the bargaining table. 

"We cannot kick this can one more time. Can't happen." 

Later on "Outnumbered Overtime," Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) said Senate Republicans must stand behind the party's promises on border security. He said the House can and should pass $5 billion for the border wall and send it to the Senate. 

"This president was sent here to make changes and I'm proud that even on the eve of Christmas, he's still trying and still fighting and we ought to have his back. ... We've got to actually fight," he said, accusing Senate Republicans of trying to "kick the problem down the road" again on border security. 

Gaetz said the president's allies in Congress are ready to defend him if the government shuts down and the Democrats and media label it the "Trump shutdown."

"Do we fundamentally think we're gonna get a better deal from Nancy Pelosi when she's Speaker of the House? ... This is our last stand to try to get the president his wall," he said. 

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