The top two Democratic congressional leaders blasted President Trump's threat of a partial government shutdown if lawmakers do not approve $5 billion in funding toward a border wall with Mexico.

"Democrats and Republicans worked together to put together a [bill to] keep the government open," Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi of California said at a news conference.

Senator Charles Schumer of New York added that Trump is "plunging the country into chaos" by threatening not to sign a bill that does not appropriate money for the wall.

He said Trump is "throwing a temper tantrum" because Senate Democrats will not go along with his border wall plans.

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"All Speaker Ryan has to do is put [the non-wall bill] on the floor of the House," Schumer said of how Congress can keep the government open after the Friday deadline.

"President Trump was attacked this morning and last night by the hard right, and fearful, he backed off his commitment to sign [the original] bill," he said.

Pelosi added that it is "a very sad day for our country" with the added news that Gen. James Mattis, the now-outgoing secretary of defense is leaving.

She said Mattis was a moderating voice in the White House around a purportedly radical Trump.

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