Outgoing House Freedom Caucus member Tom Garrett (R-Va.) praised President Trump and those Republicans who stood strong in support of a border wall and border security among opposition from Democrats and moderates in the GOP.

Garrett, whose Blue Ridge region district will be represented by incoming Rep. Denver Riggleman (R) in January, said it is "tragic" that the threat of a government shutdown had to precipitate Congress to act on the issue.

He joked with host Dan Bongino that it was good the former Secret Service agent lost his 2014 congressional race in the Maryland panhandle.

"It's disgusting to be in a town where a bunch of people make promises that they don't intend to keep," Garrett told Bongino, describing the people who campaigned for the wall but got cold feet this week.

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Garrett said that by his count, the "cost of human lives" connected to "not protecting our border" over a 10-year period equals the American casualties of the Korean War.

He cited murders connected to immigrants and the numerous deaths tied to drugs imported by cartels.

"This is truly about protecting America," he said, adding that opposition from people like Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is "ridiculous."

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