Sen. Susan Collins joined Martha MacCallum Thursday to discuss her vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the backlash she's since received.

Collins (R-Maine) became one of the key swing votes to confirm Kavanaugh in the fall. In an emotional floor speech ahead of the vote in October, she criticized Democrats for how they handled the sexual misconduct allegations against the then-nominee.

Since then, Collins has seen an extreme backlash, with some people going so far as to leave vile, threatening voicemails on her office line.

In one of the voicemails, exclusively obtained by "The Story," a caller called the senator "so f---ing naive" and a "f---ing, f---ing feckless naive woman."

Collins said the USPS intercepted suspicious envelopes sent to her Maine home.

In another incident, Collins said that one rainy night in Washington, she left her office late and could not find street parking near her home there.

She parked a distance away from her house and was approached by a "man with a camcorder" who had apparently been waiting for her.

As she frantically tried to get into her home, the man loudly berated her. Collins said she thought to ask him his name, and he gave it to her. She said she gave the name to police.

"My staff.. had to be subjected to all sorts of abuse," she added, saying that one staffer quit her job over the vile phone calls she received.

"I don't know why anyone would think I would be intimidated by those tactics," she said of the mailings, confrontations and voicemails.

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