Democrats are currently locked in a battle with President Trump over funding for border security, including Trump's long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump said last week he will let the government shut down if Congress fails to approve $5 billion in border security funding, but Democratic leaders refused to budge.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders seemed to back off that position Tuesday, telling Fox News that the White House could support a compromise short-term spending bill to avoid a shutdown, while looking at "other ways" of getting $5 billion for border security.

Despite their current rhetoric, however, Democrats haven't always opposed immigration policies like Trump's.

On Wednesday, "America's Newsroom" played a montage of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer sounding an awful lot like Trump when they were speaking about illegal immigration and border security in recent years.

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"We can't keep track of people who are in our country and trying to cross our border. So there' something very wrong with that, and we're going to try to fix that," Clinton said in 2007.

In 2006, Obama spoke about approving better fencing and security at the border to "stem some of the tide of illegal immigration."

And in 2009, Schumer said, "Fewer illegal immigrants, higher GDP, more jobs, reduced deficit."

Rep. Dan Kildee responded to the montage, saying Democrats agree that illegal immigration and border security are important issues that must be addressed.

"The question is, what is the solution? And none of those people believe -- and including a lot of Republicans -- that we should just pretend that putting up a great, big wall is going to solve that problem," Kildee said.

He noted that drug traffickers and terrorists come through border checkpoints as much as they come through unsecured sections of the southern border.

"We shouldn't just act as if and pretend that putting up a wall is going to solve the problem when people who are really smart and understand how border security works say that that's not the solution."

Watch more from "America's Newsroom" above.

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