Daniel Krauthammer, son of longtime Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer, discussed his father's life ahead of a new Fox News special that will premiere Christmas weekend.

"Charles Krauthammer: Making His Point" will air Sunday Dec. 23 at 10:00pm ET and on Christmas night at 7:00pm ET.

Krauthammer spoke to Dana Perino on Wednesday on the Daily Briefing, and said he has been "amazed" by the response to his father's posthumous book "The Point of It All" and also by how much his father meant to the public.

He said it is unbelievable "how many people... he touched, how many people just saw him once or saw him on TV [and] felt affected by him," Krauthammer said.

He said that Charles helped untold numbers of Americans "orient themselves with the political landscape" through his weekly Washington Post column and his near-nightly appearance on the Special Report "All-Star Panel."

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"They feel lost without him," he said, adding that he and his family too greatly miss their father and husband.

Krauthammer said that his father would do almost anything to give him the childhood he deserved, adding to the late columnist, "the people he loved most in the world were always number one."

He told the story of his first trip to New York, when as a boy he was interested in seeing the Statue of Liberty.

He said Charles was crossing the Verrazano Bridge, connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn, when he slowed enough to let Daniel take a good look at Lady Liberty -- while also halting traffic on Interstate 278.

Daniel said the book, which he finished writing after his father passed away in June, and the Fox News special show his father as he knew him.

"The point of it all is all the things we do individually... the people who matter to us."

Watch "Charles Krauthammer: Making His Point" on Sunday at 10:00pm ET and on Christmas night at 7:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.