"Tucker Carlson Tonight" took an in-depth look at the "cost" of the probe into President Trump and Russia on Tuesday -- looking at more than just the financial expenditures.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson and a Russian studies professor joined Tucker Carlson after his must-see commentary.

In his monologue, Carlson said that there has been "a cost" to the media's fixation on Russia.

He said that most of the mainstream media in recent weeks hasn't focused on pertinent issues that led voters to support President Trump, and instead are placing full attention on Michael Flynn.

"How did everybody in America with an Ivy League education simultaneously go insane in the space of a single year?" Carlson asked. "The people in charge have lost it. They really have."

Carlson said that media commentators are "mesmerized" by Russia and that they believe it's the "comprehensive theory of everything."

He pointed out a segment on MSNBC during which guest Malcolm Nance pushed a Trump-Russia theory, saying that Russians have been building a "disinformation frame" around the United States for nearly 20 years.

"That's got to be the most powerful mind control device in human history," Carlson said sarcastically.

He noted that Nance went on to claim Trump's collusion with Russia began in 2011 -- years before he ran for president.

"What would you do if somebody repeated those exact same words to you on a city bus?" Carlson asked. "You'd likely be worried. At the very least you'd probably switch seats."

He called the theory "completely insane" and "irresponsible," adding that there is zero evidence to support Nance's theory.

Watch more from Carlson's opening monologue above.

Historian and political scientist Victor Davis Hanson said the media and the elites in Washington, D.C. are committing "sins of commission and omission" when it comes to the federal probe of President Trump and the accomplishments during his tenure.

Hanson said so much focus is being given to the possibility of "misdemeanors or nothing" being filed against Trump and his administration over alleged collusion with Russia and campaign finance violations, while the press and 'permanent Washington' is ignoring the burgeoning economy and milestones Trump has ushered in.

He said that near his home in Fresno County, Calif., he is noticing the marked improvement in the employment figures and local economy, adding that the same is true on a national scale.

"We have peacetime unemployment of 3.7 percent," he said, adding that Clinton's treasury secretary Lawrence Summers and President Barack Obama believed such accomplishment was impossible. He said Summers thought that type of economy was a "fairy story" and that Obama thought Trump needed a "magic wand" to bring jobs back stateside.

Hanson said there is an incredible "human story" to be told that isn't being told while the elites focus on the Russia probe. He said America is now the top oil producer in the world, and that "nothing hurts Russia more than that fact alone."

On the flip side, Hanson said there is "a lot of wrongdoing by elites with no consequences" while Trump is being pursued in a litigious manner.

He listed ex-FBI Director James Comey and his deputy Andy McCabe, Obama official Susan Rice and DNI Jim Clapper as people who allegedly lied or committed crimes.

Hanson said that the net product of the elites' focus on Trump is a "slow motion coup to overturn the election," while the country actually benefits from the New York Republican's leadership.

Check out more on the Russia probe from Prof. Stephen Cohen below.

Cohen said that when then-candidate Trump said that he wanted to cooperate with Russia, those opposed to it saw Trump himself as an enemy.

"What have been the cost of these two years of 'Russia-gate?'" he asked. "They've been grave."

He said that suspicions and doubts have been cast on basic American institutions, and that "Trump is shackled" and won't be able to deal with a potential crisis with Russia.

"It's virtually an existential constitutional duty of the American president in the nuclear age to be free, empowered to deal with questions of war and peace with Russia."

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