White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the FBI, operating with a "clear political bias" under then-Director James Comey, "ambushed" Michael Flynn in January 2017.

Sanders spoke to "America's Newsroom" Tuesday ahead of the sentencing of President Trump's former National Security Adviser for lying to federal investigators.

Last week, Flynn's legal team filed court documents alleging that the FBI pushed Flynn not to bring a lawyer to his fateful interview with agents at the White House.

In response, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team released key documents related to the interview. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about conversations with the Russian ambassador during the presidential transition, but many experts expect him to receive no jail time after he cooperated with Mueller's investigators.

Sanders said the judge in Flynn's case, Emmett Sullivan, has also expressed concerns about the FBI's handling of the interview. 

"They threw FBI protocol out the window for one reason and one reason only: because it was the Trump administration and they thought they could get away with it," she said, going on to slam Comey for remarks Monday after his testimony before House lawmakers.

Comey, who was fired by President Trump in May 2017, accused the president of undermining the rule of law by criticizing the FBI and dubbing his former attorney Michael Cohen a "rat" for cooperating with prosecutors.

He urged Republicans to "have the courage to stand up and speak the truth."

“This is not about Republicans and Democrats. This is about what does it mean to be an American," Comey said. "What are the things that we care about. Above our policy disputes, which are important, there are a set of values that represent the glue of this country, and they are under attack by things just like that. We have to stop being numb to it.”

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Sanders said the Trump administration is not going to listen to a lecture about America's values and the rule of law from a "self-admitted liar and leaker" like Comey.

"There's no doubt that he did a tremendous number of things wrong and brought tremendous corruption to the FBI," Sanders said. "He led it with a political bias that it unheard of at an agency like that."

She said Comey can keep criticizing the Trump administration and Republicans, but the president is focused on following through on his campaign promises.

"This is a president who's fully committed to supporting and reflecting the values of the American people," Sanders said. "And we certainly won't be lectured by James Comey on that."

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