Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) that it was clear during Michael Flynn's hearing that Judge Emmet G. Sullivan thought the former national security adviser had committed a "very serious offense."

Flynn stood by his guilty plea on Tuesday for making false statements to the FBI in a Jan. 2017 interview at the White House.

He has since been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and Sullivan said Tuesday that Flynn's sentencing should not come until his cooperation on other matters has concluded.

Cicilline, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said on Outnumbered Overtime that the judge "put to rest" the notion Flynn "stumbled in" to his crime.

"I think [Sullivan] basically invited the continuance in the event that Mr. Flynn had more help to give," he said, referencing Sullivan's delaying of Flynn's sentencing.

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Cicilline also said that the judge is giving Flynn another opportunity to come forward with more information related to "any investigation."

As Fox News reported, Flynn's lawyer told the court Tuesday that his client "held nothing back" regarding Robert Mueller's investigation, and that Flynn’s cooperation with illegal lobbying for Turkey is the only other area he could assist prosecutors.

"The judge's serious tone about the gravity of these offenses, I think, reflects the sentiments of most of the American people," Cicilline said.

Later on Outnumbered Overtime, New York Rep. Peter King (R-Nassau) said that nothing Flynn said during Tuesday's hearing reflects on President Trump.

"One of the things the judge was critical of is that Gen. Flynn was not more honest with the Trump administration itself," King told Harris Faulkner.

Watch more of Rep. Cicilline's interview above, and listen to more of Rep. King's remarks below.

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