House Judiciary Committee member John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) ripped ex-FBI Director Jim Comey, saying that the former top official's self-assured demeanor comes across as "a witness who [thinks he's] always right."

Ratcliffe blasted Comey for telling the press he was irritated by Republicans' continued questions regarding Hillary Clinton's email scandal, saying that the probe is just as important as the Russia investigation.

"It's hard to argue with a witness like Jim Comey who's always right," Ratcliffe said sarcastically. "The same conduct was treated differently by Jim Comey's FBI in Hillary Clinton's investigation than in the Trump investigation."

Ratcliffe said he once respected Comey, but has come to realize he is "duplicitous and sanctimonious."

He said Comey failed to ask Clinton about her husband's infamous meeting aboard a plane at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix in 2016, days before the director exonerated the Democratic presidential candidate.

"Clinton didn't get a single question about Lynch... or [about the] conversation with President Obama on her unclassified server," Ratcliffe said.

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