A federal judge postponed Tuesday the sentencing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn in a hearing that Fox News' Catherine Herridge described as "one of the most dramatic" she has ever seen. 

Herridge, Fox News' chief intelligence correspondent, reported from outside the Washington, D.C., federal courthouse after Judge Emmet Sullivan delivered a scathing rebuke of Flynn over his actions. 

Flynn stood by his guilty plea for making false statements to the FBI in a Jan. 2017 interview at the White House. He has since been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Sullivan said Flynn's sentencing should not come until his cooperation on other matters has concluded.  

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Sullivan at one point asked prosecutors whether Flynn committed treason in his work on behalf of the Turkish government.

Prosecutors said they did not believe he committed treason and he was not still working for Turkey when he entered the White House as national security adviser. 

Herridge said Sullivan gave Flynn multiple chances to withdraw his guilty plea and the former Army general declined to do so. 

"Arguably, you sold your country out," Sullivan told Flynn, expressing "disdain" for Flynn's actions and emphasizing he would not accept a guilty plea from a person who believed they were innocent. 

Flynn's attorneys argued that FBI agents discouraged Flynn from having a lawyer present for the interview in which he lied about prior contacts with the Russian ambassador. 

Sullivan later clarified that his question about treason was out of curiosity, not an accusation.

The prosecution told Sullivan that Flynn played a role in the indictment this week of two Flynn associates charged with illegally lobbying for Turkey without properly registering under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). They said Flynn could have been indicted in that case had he not cooperated.

Ahead of the hearing, Mueller's team recommended that Flynn be spared jail time, citing his cooperation with the special counsel probe as part of a deal with prosecutors in Dec. 2017.

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