Franklin Graham told Todd Starnes on his Fox Nation program "Starnes Country" that President Trump's encouragement of Americans to publicly celebrate Christmas has "emboldened" people to "fight back" when the holiday is censored.

Starnes recalled the case of Nebraska elementary school principal Jennifer Sinclair, who earlier this month directed her school to prohibit certain Christmas decorations and other religious symbols.

As Fox News reported:

Items prohibited by Sinclair include Santa items, Christmas trees, the “Elf on the Shelf,” singing Christmas carols, playing Christmas music, candy canes and reindeer, homemade ornament gifts, Christmas movies and red and green items.

The reasoning behind the proposed ban wasn't entirely clear from the principal's statement.

"I'm hopeful we can avoid the discomfort of me directly questioning something you've copied, posted, and had your kids do," the memo states. "That makes me uncomfortable, and I know it doesn't feel good."

Starnes said that Sinclair effectively "banned Christmas" and asked children "not to observe the reason for the season." 

He said that public outcry eventually led to Sinclair being put on administrative leave.

Graham, son of the late Rev. Billy Graham and chairman of the Samaritan's Purse charity, said that attacks on Christmas have increased in recent years.

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"Secularists want to do everything they can to take Christ out of everything in this country... even His birthday," Graham said. "Christians around the world celebrate this day."

Graham said that President Trump's agenda in this regard is integral to the Christian community, adding that his 'say Merry Christmas' campaign during the 2016 race was well-received.

"When the president takes a stand like saying 'Merry Christmas,' this emboldens others to take a stand just like the president's... to fight back."

"People rose up and she's on the naughty list," Graham said of Sinclair.

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