The Five on Tuesday reacted to the final report issued by President Trump's school safety commission, which addressed school violence across the country.

The commission was born in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting in February, during which 17 people were fatally shot by Nikolas Cruz.

Among the dozens of recommendations noted in the report was the option to allow the arming of school personnel, which includes teachers.

Jedediah Bila said that she favors the idea of training and arming teachers inside schools.

"You're not just handing guns to any old people," she said. "If you're in more of a remote area, if you call for assistance, by the time those people can get to you a lot of damage can be done."

Greg Gutfeld added that the recommendations allow school administration to act.

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"This is action," he said. "It's multifaceted, banning of bump stocks ... then you've got psychiatric changes in psychiatric counseling."

He said that a lot of the Trump administration's recommendations are based on research, and not on emotion.

"I think this is well-rounded. I think everybody gets something out of it," he said. "People keep saying 'we have to act.'"

Watch the discussion from The Five above.

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