Tuesday on Hannity, Sebastian Gorka and California Rep. Darrell Issa (R) joined Judge Jeanine Pirro to discuss Michael Flynn's hearing.

Flynn, President Trump's former national security adviser, stood by his guilty plea for making false statements to the FBI in a Jan. 2017 interview at the White House.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan said that Flynn's sentencing should be delayed until his cooperation on other matters has concluded.

Rep. Issa said that anything Flynn might be penalized for was not done in relation to probes of potential wrongdoing by President Trump.

"Whether it's entrapment or not, remember that [former FBI Director] James Comey had one intention clearly before Donald Trump was president and afterwards, which was to get to Donald Trump," he said.

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Issa added that Comey didn't stop Flynn from becoming national security adviser and failed to tell the president Flynn was lying to people.

"James Comey, from day one, has been a corrupt cop, trying to get to the president and it shows in everything he's done, including what he failed to do which was to be honest to both Barack Obama and to President Trump."

Gorka called Tuesday's proceedings in the case of Flynn "a farce" and said suggestions he violated the Logan Act were similarly "spurious."

"If the Logan Act were about a serious crime, John Kerry should be doing 20 to life right now for his secret negotiations with Iran after he left office," he said.

Issa also said that for two years, Americans have been "distracted" from the true accomplishments from Trump and his administration.

"Let's face it. Two years ago, James Comey did not tell the president things he should have told him because he was trying to indict the president. It is now two years later, and he still doesn't have a case even with a special prosecutor, essentially [Comey's] buddy [Robert] Mueller."

Watch the segment from Hannity above.

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