A movie set for release next year tells the powerful story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who quit and became a pro-life activist. 

Johnson was involved in 22,000 abortions and counseled countless woman on their reproductive rights, but said she quit in 2009 after she witnessed an abortion on an ultrasound. 

The actress who will play Johnson in "Unplanned" talked to Ainsley Earhardt Tuesday about the role, her own pro-life stance and a family secret she learned while filming. 

Ashley Bratcher said she considered herself pro-life with "shades of grey" and did not know Johnson's story before auditioning for the starring role.

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Abby Johnson

"When I started learning the details she shared of working at Planned Parenthood, it really opened my eyes to the reality of what abortion really is," she said. 

Bratcher explained that the directors followed a non-traditional casting process to avoid the actors being subjected to outside influences from Hollywood.

"I knew from the very beginning, they warned me, they said, 'You're probably gonna get blacklisted. This could end your career.' I said, 'I don't care, it's worth it,'" she explained, adding she quickly flew to Oklahoma to begin filming. 

She then shared an emotional story about the moment she told her mother about the role. Bratcher said she knew that her mother had an abortion at age 16, but her mother also revealed that she almost had an abortion at 19 when she was pregnant with Bratcher.

"This movie is not about judgment and condemnation, it's about mercy and forgiveness," she said. 

Bratcher said her mom was at the abortion clinic in the examination room, but changed her mind when a pregnant nurse entered the room.

"I got up and I walked out and I chose you," Bratcher recalled her mom saying, "And I never knew that. It blows my mind."

Watch the powerful "Fox & Friends" interview above and check out Bratcher's Fox News Opinion piece.

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