Tucker Carlson slammed Democrats Monday night who have opposed President Trump's proposed border wall on the grounds that it would be too expensive.

The president has threatened to shut down the government if Congress fails to approve $5 billion for border security funding, including for his long-promised wall.

During a meeting last week at the White House, Trump and minority leaders Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) failed to reach a funding deal.

Carlson on Monday noted that the estimated $25 billion wall cost is far less than the cost per year of funding the war in Afghanistan.

"Nobody in Washington seems to be upset about the price of the Afghanistan debacle," he said.

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Carlson questioned why Pelosi, who called border walls "immoral," hasn't criticized the border wall in Israel.

The former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, explained last week on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the wall between Israel and Egypt has almost completely stymied illegal immigration.

"The left fears a border wall precisely because it would work and could keep working long after President Trump leaves office," Carlson said.

Although many in the media have said Trump's base is "scared," Carlson said that it's the left who is "terrified" and don't want an "honest debate" on immigration.

"Look around. Who's angry? Who's yelling? Who's hysterical?," he asked. "The left."

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