Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her Opening Statement on "Justice" that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was "treated differently" by FBI investigators, culminating in his guilty plea for lying to agents.

Flynn is set to be sentenced Tuesday after his team filed court documents last week alleging the FBI pushed him not to bring a lawyer to his fateful Jan. 24, 2017 interview at the White House. He was later charged for lying about prior contacts with the Russian ambassador and cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"For those of you who think the FBI was just trying to get to the truth, you’re wrong. If they wanted information, if they wanted the truth, they could have shown Flynn his transcript of his conversation to refresh his recollection to get at the truth. But, no, they didn’t want the truth. They wanted to take down a bit player to get to the big player," Pirro said. 

She said the American justice system is supposed to be "blind" to politics and other influences, arguing that the Flynn case is a "story of injustice." She said the "fundamental question" is whether Flynn was treated like any other FBI target. 

"The answer is a resounding 'no.' He was treated differently, which brings us to the question: why? The answer to 'why' brings us to an unsettling place, foreign to all of us who have spent our careers revering the American system of justice," she said, emphasizing that Judge Emmett Sullivan can toss Flynn's guilty plea if he concludes that Flynn was not afforded his constitutional right to counsel. 

Pirro noted that Flynn's talks with the Russian ambassador during the transition - the subject of his false statement - were not criminal. 

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