Greg Gutfeld and the panel on The Five reacted to the impending partial government shutdown -- which is largely tied to whether Democrats and some moderate Republicans will vote to fund the government in exchange for appropriating border wall funds.

Speaking over the weekend, top Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York promised that President Trump is "not going to get the wall in any form." 

Meanwhile, Trump adviser Stephen Miller said the Democrats have a "simple choice" to either "fight for America's working class" or "promote illegal immigration" by eschewing border security.

"You can't do both," Miller said.

Gutfeld said that for Democrats, "government is the answer for anything... except with the wall, that is where government happily abdicates responsibility."

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He said that the Democrats' opposition to a wall in that regard "makes no sense at all."

"If government should take over health care, why don't you do the wall [too]," he asked.

Jesse Watters said the reasoning might simply be that Democrats don't want a physical reminder that Donald Trump was president.

"We are living in a prison of two ideas," Gutfeld said. "Republicans like order and Democrats like compassion [and they] don't think they can be combined."

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