Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik slammed New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy over a gun law that bans off-duty officers in the state from carrying magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Kerik tweeted a leaked memo to law enforcement signed by Acting Bergen County Prosecutor Dennis Calo, which said violating the law would result in a fourth-degree crime.

According to, Murphy (D) signed the bill into law in June, which also states that an officer may not be convicted of a criminal offense if he or she voluntarily surrenders a weapon in question.

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Kerik said Sunday on Fox & Friends that the law is not only "outrageous," it also puts officers at risk.

"You're taking the ability away from the cops to possess the rounds they may need in a gun battle. ... That's insane," he said.

The law applies to New Jersey residents as well as off-duty officers, and Kerik said Murphy has essentially taken guns "away from the people" of the state.

"It's one thing if you violate a rule of a department," Kerik added. "But this is a law. A criminal law, and it makes you, then, a criminal. So, this is just crazy."

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