On Saturday, The Greg Gutfeld Show explored what Vice President Mike Pence was thinking during President Trump's border security meeting last week.

Pence sat silently and stoically during Trump's meeting with minority leaders Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) at the White House on Tuesday.

Greg Gutfeld said Pence was doing his best to represent the president's promise of a wall.

"He became, at that moment, a wall," Gutfeld said. "Trump was saying 'if we don't have a wall, I'm just gonna send a thousand Pences to the border, they will all lock arms and remain motionless.'"

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Turns out, Pence was thinking about what it'd be like to hang out with Greg Gutfeld himself!

"I bet he'd be fun to fishing with," Pence thought, also realizing he'd need a boat to do so.

Pence also "thought" about if Gutfeld would judge him for having a boat but not living near water, and contemplated a future purchase.

"If Greg only likes me because I have a boat, then I don't need his friendship," Pence thought as Trump and Pelosi quarreled on either side of him.

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