A body language expert joined Watters' World on Saturday to break down President Trump's tense meeting with minority leaders Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

The president and VP Mike Pence met with Schumer (N.Y.) and Pelosi (Calif.) at the White House on Tuesday to discuss border security and funding.

Tonya Reiman explained to Jesse Watters what the variety of hand gestures and posture changes among the political leaders really meant.

First, Reiman explained how at a moment when Trump adjusted his jacket while speaking to Schumer, it signaled he was getting nervous.

"That's his [showing of a] little bit of discomfort coming through," she said.

Greg Gutfeld Show: What Was Pence Thinking During Trump's Border Meeting?

Reiman added that one of the only pacifying gestures Trump showed was him holding onto his other wrist.

"This is something that builds comfort and it also puts a blockage between the two of us," she said.

As a "slouch to begin with," Reiman said, Schumer corrected and straightened his posture once he wanted to truly get serious with the president.

During Trump's back-and-forth with Pelosi, one of his "go-to" positions -- a hand steeple -- showed a position of power, Reiman said.

Finally, Reiman noted it was evident that Pence did not want to be included in the meeting, and that him leaning back in his chair showed avoidance.

Watch more of Reiman's analysis above.

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