Tucker Carlson had a must-see segment Thursday night in which he debated a bishop of the United Methodist Church who believes the United States should not turn away the caravan of migrants that has gathered at the southern border.

Bishop Minerva Carcano said the migrants have a right to flee poverty and violence in their home countries, and to seek asylum and receive due process.

"These are people who need humanity to extend compassion to them and love and care. It may discomfort some, but this is a moment in which we can show the best of humanity," Carcano said.

Tucker raised the issue of the massive cost to U.S. taxpayers when it comes to housing, health care, education and other basic services for illegal immigrants. 

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"Some estimates suggest the cost is hundreds of thousands per immigrant over a lifetime. The Methodist Church is not paying that bill, U.S. taxpayers are," Tucker argued. 

Carcano argued that immigrants contribute "much more" to the economy than they take out, to which Tucker responded that studies have shown that people who come to the U.S. with less than a high school education take more from the system than they put in by a "huge margin."

Tucker noted that Carcano's church -- as a religious institution -- is exempt from paying taxes.

"If you're encouraging people to come here, why don't you have an obligation to provide them education, housing, food, medical care? But you offload that onto taxpayers. And I wonder if that's a Christian thing to do," Tucker said. "How can you feel virtuous when you're not paying for the things you're encouraging?"

Carcano said that the all the members of the United Methodist Church who live in America pay their taxes like every other citizen, and the church itself spends "millions of dollars" caring for immigrants.

"American taxpayers spend $135 billion on this," Tucker replied. "I'm just saying, if you're going to encourage people to come in here, I think you should pitch in a little bit more than you are."

Watch the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" debate above.

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