Seattle University School of Law suspended its externship program with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after a complaint by a student that was followed by a petition filing.

Bret Baier reported that critics of the move said Seattle University deprives its students of real world work experience and the chance to help other people.

Fox News correspondent Dan Springer said the decision was precipitated after one student, Alex Romero, complained to faculty about the program. Romero also started the petition, the Seattle Times reported

"Every nation enforces its immigration laws, and for those students [that would have participated], they've been cheated," former ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan told Fox News upon hearing about the decision.

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Springer said the school cited its "special responsibility to be peacemakers" and that students should instead "assist those who are suffering due to the unjust operation of our legal system, laws and their enforcement."

Homan said ICE does more than effect border security, in that they actively deport terrorists and help the nation in other ways.

The Seattle program linked students with ICE's Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash., Springer reported.

ICE official Tracy Short called the move "disheartening."

Springer added that Romero and university officials declined an interview request.

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