The panel on "The Five" reacted to two Congressional Democrats criticizing their own party and the media.

House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that the media should dial back their wall-to-wall coverage of President Donald Trump.

"I wish that the press would spend a lot more time on what we need to do here to meet the needs of the American people instead of morning, noon, and night allegations against the president," Pelosi said.

Outgoing Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri told another interviewer that her party concentrates too much on "gender politics."

"We are a party of all kinds of people," McCaskill said. "White working-class men were traditionally a huge party of our party."

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Greg Gutfeld said that Democrats know they're "heading down the wrong path" when Pelosi has to criticize the media and say 'don't go there.'

"She's trying to give the media an intervention," he said, adding that some in the press have been "idiotized" by their "hatred of Trump."

Jesse Watters added that McCaskill has a unique perspective as a Democratic senator from a red state.

"It's like riding a bull," he said, "You'll only be on for like one term, maybe two."

He said McCaskill can speak on party issues because she knows firsthand what voters of opposing ideology want.

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