Social media sensations and Fox Nation hosts Diamond & Silk slammed Nancy Pelosi for her stance in the border security funding battle, calling the Democratic leader "out of touch."

Pelosi on Thursday called out President Trump for threatening a government shutdown over Congress' failure to approve funding for border security -- including his long-promised wall -- saying the American people don't want a "Trump shutdown."

On "Fox & Friends" Friday, Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway said Trump has followed through on his promise to boost the economy, and now it's time for Congress to approve wall funding so he can follow through on another core campaign promise.

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"What I don't understand and what's so mind-boggling about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer is that they live behind walls," she said. "Don't your walls protect you? So why don't you want to protect America by building a wall?"

Rochelle "Silk" Richardson claimed the wall would pay for itself by curbing illegal immigration and drug trafficking, which would lessen the burden on American taxpayers.

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