President Trump said Thursday in an exclusive Fox News interview that China's economy is "in trouble" due to the actions taken by his administration. 

He said he had a "fantastic" meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G-20 Summit in Argentina, touting that China agreed to buy U.S. soybeans.

Trump said past administrations have not challenged China for stealing intellectual property and "taking out of our country 500 billion dollars a year."

He said he's not worried about Chinese tariffs on American products, emphasizing China just lowered auto tariffs from 40 to 15 percent. 

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"That's still too high, but it's still a big move," he said, expressing optimism that the stock market will rise again once uncertainty over trade subsides.

"China's economy, if it's in trouble, it's only in trouble because of me. ... We've taken in 11 billion dollars worth of taxes on China ... in the last four months," he said, arguing the media does not report those developments.

When asked what he loves about being president, he said "I love getting things done for the people," including lowering taxes and rolling back regulations. 

He said he does not believe his trade policies are placing "pressure" on the U.S. economy, pointing to record levels of employment.  

Faulkner asked about the recent move by General Motors to close plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. Trump took issue with GM CEO Mary Barra's strategy of moving to a business model geared toward electric cars.

"To tell me a couple weeks before Christmas that she's gonna close in Ohio in Michigan, not acceptable to me," he answered, arguing her plan "is not gonna work."

Watch the clip from the exclusive interview above and see Trump's reaction to Michael Cohen's sentencing, here

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