The Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway said Thursday that the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn "created its own crime" and ended in a verdict that had nothing to do with Russia or Russian contact.

Hemingway told Tucker Carlson that top FBI officials "actively encouraged" Flynn not to have an attorney present when agents visited the White House to interview him.

She noted how this week, federal Judge Emmet Sullivan -- a Clinton appointee -- ordered Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team to turn over documents related to the Flynn interview.

Hemingway said Sullivan has a history of demanding proof of government accountability.

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She pointed to his crucial role in the failed corruption prosecution against the late Sen. Theodore Stevens, in which a court vacated the conviction of the Alaska Republican.

Hemingway said that in Flynn's case, federal authorities leaked to the Washington Post that he "was totally out of trouble" on the eve of their interview: "It made him feel like this wasn't a perjury trap."

She said that in the end, the probe into Flynn "created its own crime," because his charge of lying to investigators occurred only because of an interview in a case purportedly about Russia that ended without a hint of wrongdoing.

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