Greg Gutfeld ripped Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) for saying Wednesday that he wished he could regulate speech, if not for the First Amendment protections.

"How nice of him, thank you sir," Gutfeld replied sarcastically.

Gutfeld said that Lieu's fellow liberals are the true threat to free speech already, whether it be frightening "nervous CEOs" or people on college campuses for saying what they want or believe.

He said the left also punishes people for referring to someone in an incorrect manner.

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"If you use the wrong pronoun, you're toast."

Meanwhile, he said, President Trump is "barreling in the other direction" on free speech, pointing to his raucous publicized meeting with the two top Congressional Democrats.

"He'll say anything," Gutfeld said. "Trump's transparency scares the media... He won't shut up."

Gutfeld credited Trump with "reviving" the media through his use of free speech that Lieu appeared to abhor.

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