Nationally syndicated radio host Dana Loesch joined the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts Thursday to call out big tech companies' anti-conservative bias.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai appeared before Congress on Tuesday and said that political bias does not factor into the company's work -- including in its ubiquitous search engine.

“I don’t think that the accusations against Google are unfounded. And particularly some of the emails and some of the other studies have been done by outside groups looking at their search results definitely don’t help the argument that the accusations are unfounded at all," Loesch said.

She said if Democrats were serious about ensuring free speech and cracking down on corporate censorship, they would want to get to the bottom of this issue, but they made it clear during Pichai's testimony they do not.

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She said that while she hasn't had a personal experience of bias with Google, she did with another big tech company: Twitter.

Loesch explained that two years ago, some of her personal information was posted on Twitter -- including her address and cell phone number -- and she found the social media giant to be less than cooperative with law enforcement when she filed a police report.

She said that at the exact same time, Twitter cooperated "very eagerly" with liberal journalist Kurt Eichenwald when he was harassed on the platform and went to the authorities.

"This is an ongoing thing. They have showed an inconsistency to either fairly enforce their own terms of service or treat their users -- both progressives, both conservatives -- the same way," Loesch said.

“This is not up for argument, because the evidence is there. And my experience isn’t anecdotal, I mean, it’s documented. The evidence is there. There is absolutely bias and unfair treatment, and we’ve seen that as well with Google," she said.

Loesch reiterated that she hasn't had the same experience with Google that she had with Twitter, but she's read reports that reveals the tech giant's bias, pointing specifically to an October survey from AllSides.

Watch more from Loesch above, and see highlights from Pichai's appearance before Congress below.

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