Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren praised President Trump for standing up to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in an explosive, televised White House meeting.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence invited Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to discuss border security and an impending government shutdown.

With the cameras rolling in the Oval Office, Trump insisted he's willing to let the government shut down if Congress doesn't funding for border security, including a wall along the southern border.

"When I saw President Trump say the things that he did yesterday, I thought, 'Exactly, that is the man I voted for. We voted for the wall, we voted for somebody who's going to stand up for border enforcement, border security and for our border protection agents,'" Tomi said. "And that's what President Trump did."

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She said she believes the American people are behind Trump in his push to secure funding for the wall, and she believes he'll get it.

Tomi also took issue with Pelosi and Schumer pushing for the meeting to take place in private, which she said is another example of Democrats' lack of transparency.

"What this president has done over and over again is say, 'I'm going to be direct with the American people. This is what I want, this is what you elected me to get done.' And the Democrats don't like it," Tomi said. "Of course, they don't like it. But me as a Trump supporter, as an American, I loved watching it."

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