Steve Hilton said the Brexit deal is a "terrible mess" because British Prime Minister Theresa May never really believed Britain should withdraw from the European Union.

May survived a vote of no-confidence from members of her own Conservative Party on Wednesday over her handling of Brexit.

She had said in an earlier statement that a change in her party's leadership would put Britain's future at risk.

"The new leader wouldn’t have time to renegotiate a withdrawal agreement and get the legislation through Parliament by 29 March," she continued.

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May's victory means that she can hold power but cannot be challenged by her party for a year.

"She's put together a deal with the European Union for Britain to leave, which doesn't actually deliver Brexit," Hilton said on Outnumbered Overtime. "That's why nobody's happy with it."

He added that some conservative British lawmakers have made it very clear that May's Brexit deal won't make the country an independent nation.

"What we're heading towards, frankly, is another referendum, and that will determine whether [Brexit] lives or dies."

Watch more from "Outnumbered Overtime" above, and see Hilton's powerful monologue on the Paris riots and the "worldwide populist uprising" below.

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