Tomi Lahren takes viewers inside the U.S. Border Patrol's handling of the migrant caravan in a special Fox Nation presentation that debuts Thursday for subscribers.  

In "The Migrant Standoff: What Really Happened," Lahren talks to the agents on the ground about the events that unfolded on November 25th, when tear gas was used to disperse illegal immigrants who rushed the border and threw rocks and bottles at border agents.

One Border Patrol officer said he does not believe Americans got a full picture of what occurred from the news media at large. 

"A couple of those photos are the equivalent of looking through a straw out into space. You might see one little thing, but you're missing the entire situation. My agents responded directly to a physical assault against them," he said. 

Lahren said she got to spend time with Border Patrol agents last week in the San Diego area to hear the real story of what occurred. 

"So many people got it wrong. I went there to get it right," she said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends."

Also new on Thursday on Fox Nation is the first episode of "Moms," a monthly program hosted by Rachel Campos-Duffy, a mother of eight children and the wife of U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.).

The show will shine the light on motherhood and family life from women all over the country.

"I want to talk to all kinds of different groups of women who are mothers and get their perspective on current events and family life and home life," Campos-Duffy told People.

"I think that there are so many incredibly intelligent women out there and I want to make sure that we’re really highlighting them and focusing on getting to understand that. The only other show that I know that does this is 'The Real Housewives,' which is quite the opposite. In a way, it is a little window."

On the first episode, Campos-Duffy sits down with two other wives of members of Congress, including Kelly Paul, wife of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)

Fox Nation members will also gain access to a set of classic "Watters' World" episodes and the Christmastime special, "The Nativity: Facts, Fictions & Faith."

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