Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka said the case involving Gen. Michael Flynn being convicted of lying to federal authorities is one of "classic entrapment."

Gorka said on "Hannity" the two FBI agents who interviewed Flynn that resulted in the crime in question both said the war hero did not lie.

But, Gorka added that now-fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told Flynn he did not need a lawyer for the discussion, which later ended in the indictment.

"This is classic entrapment," Gorka said. "They trapped him in a process crime. Everyone watching [tonight] could be trapped in a process crime."

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He said that newly-sentenced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is a much more antagonistic figure -- pointing out how Cohen audio-taped conversations with his clients, including Donald Trump.

Gorka called Cohen a liar and said of the two indicted men, "I know which man I believe."

"He's a patriot," Gorka said of Flynn.

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