Dana Perino said Wednesday that "no nation is free" from acts of terror after three people were fatally shot at a Christmas market in France on Tuesday.

Officials are treating the incident as an Islamic terror attack, and the suspect -- identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt -- was reportedly being monitored by French intel services.

"This is really a world war," Perino said, noting that Argentine tourists were among those killed in the 2017 New York City terror attack on the West Side Highway, and a Thai citizen was reportedly killed in Tuesday's shooting.

"No nation is free from this kind of thing because, also, these terrorists also attack Muslims in their own countries as well," she said on The Five.

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Jesse Watters added that he was struck by the "viciousness" of terror attacks that have occurred in France.

He said that despite the country's gun control, criminals find "creative" ways to carry out attacks.

"You sit back and you say, what lessons can we learn from Europe before they become crises in America?" he said.

Morgan Ortagus also noted that Tuesday's incident followed the violent protests in the city of Paris.

"We're really seeing geopolitical turmoil in Europe in way that's, I think, unprecedented."

Watch more of the discussion from The Five above.

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