"The Five" on Tuesday discussed President Donald Trump's tense meeting with minority leaders at the White House over border wall funding.

During the meeting with Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), Trump doubled down on his threat to let the government shut down if Congress doesn't approve funding for his long-promised wall at the southern border.

Jesse Watters said that the president put on "an extraordinary physical performance" during the televised meeting.

"On the debate stage, he basically did the same thing with Hillary," said Watters. "These are two weaker people and he basically tag-teamed both of them until they [looked] like blithering idiots."

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Trump said later on Tuesday that he "doesn't mind" having the issue of border security on his side and that he'd take ownership of a government shutdown.

Greg Gutfeld added that Trump came across as a "mean dad" during the meeting, and that he always chooses a long-term benefit that creates short-term public relations "nightmares."

"The shutdown makes him look mean. But the long-term win is enhanced border security," Gutfeld said. "That's how a dad acts. [Pelosi and Schumer] are the kids and they're not taking the medicine."

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