Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said Tuesday that Google CEO Sundar Pichai denied anti-conservative bias on his search engine because he hasn't looked for it.

Pichai testified before House Judiciary Committee members and was asked about allegations of political bias, among other topics.

Gaetz and other committee members accessed Google employee chatrooms, he said, where suppression of conservative media outlets like The Daily Caller and Breitbart were discussed.

"We see, glaring us right in the eye, the employees of Google demonstrating their bias in a Google chatroom, on Google time, planning Google strategies," he said.

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Pichai also said to lawmakers Tuesday that his company has "no plans" to launch a search engine in China. Google has come under scrutiny over a rumored censored search engine called Project Dragonfly in the country.

Gaetz said on Outnumbered Overtime that Google is very willing to wrap its business model around countries that limit its citizens' access to information.

He said there's a "hypocrisy" in that Google employees discuss an "obligation" to reverse the 2016 election, but no obligation to prohibit certain governments from dictating users' terms of activity.

"It's a double standard that seems to bite in favor of Google's profits and against a user experience that is neutral," Gaetz said.

He added that tech giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook are no longer neutral and elevate liberal content over conservative content.

"There's got to be an internal investigation at Google to determine whether or not their bias is impacting the search outcomes," he said.

Watch more from Outnumbered Overtime above.

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