South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham blasted Democrats for their "liberal ignorance" and their apparent preference that "President Trump lose rather than the country win."

Graham said Trump acted in the spirit of compromise when he demanded that $5 billion be appropriated toward border security, including a wall.

He said Democrats already voted for a bill in February that allocated $25 billion for border security and that their hatred of Trump is so intense, they are willing to show "liberal ignorance."

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"They are wrong to say no," Graham said, suggesting that Trump "put DACA on the table and make them say no" to that compromise bill.

Graham said that in 2013, Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) voted for a bill that included $8 billion in border wall funding as well.

"They want Trump to lose more than they want the country to win," he said, calling their spat with the White House on the matter "their desire to have Trump fail."

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