Retired Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate "dropped a huge 'L'" on their battle with President Trump over the wall and border security during a public discussion at the White House.

Sean Hannity said the meeting was rightfully open to the press, and that Democrats do not want to be publicly put on the spot on the issue of illegal immigration and border enforcement.

"They dropped a huge 'L' on this, Sean. They lost big," Bongino said of Sen. Charles Schumer's and Rep. Nancy Pelosi's performance during the meeting.

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Bongino said that the proof of Democrats' shabby performance on the issue was evident in how fast they sought media cameras when they were not in Trump's presence.

He pointed to how the two lawmakers ripped Trump's plan when they left the White House -- in front of the assembled press.

"On Capitol Hill, there was a flurry to get to the cameras again," Bongino said. "They couldn't re-frame this [topic] any quicker. Right in front of the country they were put on the spot with a simple question."

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