Tucker Carlson debated progressive radio host Chris Hahn on Monday over the court filings on former Trump aide Michael Cohen by Robert Mueller's team.

Cohen admitted to an excessive campaign contribution, referring to payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Democratic leaders have subsequently called for the president to be impeached and floated the possibility of jail time.

On Monday, Carlson asked Hahn, a former aide to New York Sen. Charles Schumer, why paying a woman over a sexual relationship would be considered a felony.

"[That's] not a felony," Hahn replied. "[But] it's a felony to do a campaign expenditure and not disclose it. ... He made this during the campaign for the purposes of the campaign."

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Carlson said he was "honestly confused" by why a payment to a former girlfriend would count as a campaign contribution.

"The money didn't come from the campaign, it didn't go to the campaign," Carlson said. "It was a threat to [Trump's] reputation and his livelihood, as all extortion is."

Hahn said that there were "schemes" put together by Trump and Cohen to move the payment money around, so it wouldn't be traced back to the president.

Carlson added that saying the president can't use his own money to pay off a former girlfriend is "made up."

"It's a lie, actually," he said.

"Why is that a felony?" he also asked Hahn. "Where does it say that? What are you talking about?"

Watch more of the debate on Tucker Carlson Tonight above.

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