Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan called out New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal for new rules which limit law enforcement's cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Grewal announced Nov. 30 that the directive was aimed at drawing a clearer distinction between federal immigration authorities and state, county, and local law enforcement officers.

Under the directive, police can't question, search or arrest anyone based solely on suspected immigration status. They also can't ask a person's immigration status unless it's necessary in investigating a serious offense.

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Police also are barred from participating in civil immigration enforcement operations conducted by federal authorities.

Officers aren't barred from assisting federal authorities during emergency circumstances.

Responding on "Fox & Friends," Homan said Garden State taxpayers "should be insulted" by the new policy, arguing it endangers the immigrant community by allowing some criminal aliens to be released back onto the streets. 

"When you can't arrest a bad guy in a county jail, ICE officers have to put it on the line, go knocking on doors, and put themselves at great risk," said Homan, calling the narrative around sanctuary cities "a big lie by the liberals."

Dr. Nicole Saphier said the policy is in line with Gov. Phil Murphy's (D) 2017 campaign promises to make New Jersey a sanctuary state. 

Homan also reacted to Oregon's governor budgeting $4 million to sue the Trump administration and defend illegal immigrants in deportation proceedings.

Watch the discussion above.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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