British politician and top Brexit backer Nigel Farage said Monday on "America's Newsroom" that the United Kingdom is on the verge of a "constitutional crisis."

Farage, who led the U.K. Independence Party and was instrumental in the approval of Brexit in 2016, offered his reaction after Prime Minister Theresa May - facing a high probability of defeat - delayed a vote in Parliament to approve a controversial deal spelling out the country's exit from the European Union. 

Pro-Brexit lawmakers have argued that the proposed agreement keeps Britain bound too closely to the EU, while pro-EU politicians say it erects barriers between the U.K. and its biggest trading partner and leaves many details of the future relationship undecided.

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Farage, who previously called the deal "the worst in history," explained that the proposal was set to be voted down in Parliament by more than 200 votes. 

"[That's] something no government in the history of our ancient Parliament has ever lost by. ... Her credibility as prime minister is now absolutely shot," said Farage, adding that May's only remaining hope is a meeting with EU leaders Thursday in Brussels where she is expected to seek further concessions. 

Farage said it will not be enough for May to only receive "assurances" from EU leaders, as she stated Monday in the House of Commons.

"This deal is not going through. I would predict confidently that by this time next week, you're going to see the U.K. in one of the biggest constitutional crises it's seen in perhaps over 100 years."

Sandra Smith noted that the uncertainty surrounding the deal is roiling global markets, including U.S. stocks and the British pound's value against the dollar. 

Watch the full interview above as Farage also opines on the violent protests in France. 

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