Jesse Watters said Monday that President Trump's meeting with top Democrats will be his last chance at securing funding for a border wall until 2020.

Trump is expected to meet with minority leaders Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) at the White House Tuesday to hash out funding in order to prevent a possible government shutdown.

Pelosi stated last week that she believes a border wall would be "immoral, ineffective [and] expensive" no matter what country pays for it.

Watters said on The Five that he doesn't see any type of deal being reached on Tuesday.

"The only chance [Trump] is going to have is in the last month [of Congress]," he said. "Until the Congress flips, this is his last at-bat in order to squeeze billions for this wall."

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Dana Perino said that all parties involved in Tuesday's meeting will be going in to it with "a lot of distrust."

"Everybody gets a choice to make. You can decide to work together tomorrow or not," she said.

 Morgan Ortagus added that if there is a government shutdown, President Trump wouldn't be to blame.

"It's actually a failure of congressional leadership," she said. "If anything, the president has been clear to Republicans and Democrats in leadership in Congress that he wanted $5 billion."

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