Ben Shapiro slammed the writer who reported on past homophobic tweets from Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray hours after he won college football's top honor.

The since-deleted tweets were reported in USA Today early Sunday morning, in which Murray -- quarterback at the University of Oklahoma -- used an anti-gay slur toward his friends.

Shapiro, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, said on "The Story" that an off-color tweet from years past can be "a disincentive to success.'

He continued, "To take a kid who just won the peak trophy in college football and then search back to when he was 14 for something bad he said and then shame him over it? It's just despicable stuff."

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Murray, now 21 years old, apologized for the past messages, saying they don't reflect who he is or what he believes in.

Shapiro also referenced comedian Kevin Hart, who announced on Thursday he was stepping down from hosting the 2019 Academy Awards after outcry over "insensitive" tweets from his past.

Shortly after Hart was announced as the host of the show, several tweets that were deemed anti-gay and dated back to 2011 resurfaced.

"The idea that you're making the world a purer, better place for investigating every single thing that a person put on a social media site back 10, 15 years ago is just absurd," Shapiro said. "It's making the world a much worse place, a much more paranoid place."

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