House Oversight Committee member Raja Krishnamoorthi said on "Sunday Morning Futures" that ex-FBI Director James Comey "came across as consistent, compelling and careful in his answers" to a joint committee's closed-door session with him this week.

"The majority (Republicans) asked him exhaustively about the Clinton email investigation," said Krishnamoorthi, a Democrat representing northeastern Illinois.

Maria Bartiromo pressed Krishnamoorthi on his contention that Comey's answers were compelling and consistent, given the fact the transcript of the testimony shows he either responded "I don't know" or "I can't recall" more than 200 times.

Krishnamoorthi said Comey answered about 1,000 questions, so "his batting average was between .700 and .800."

"As a Cubs fan, I think that's pretty good," he joked.

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Krishnamoorthi said Comey rightfully could not answer certain questions because of the classified nature of some of the material discussed, as well as the fact he is a "material witness" in Robert Mueller's special counsel probe of President Trump.

"I wanted an open session so [the public] could see real-time" what Comey had to say, Krishnamoorthi added.

Bartiromo asked what the Schaumburg lawmaker hopes to do as a member of the new Democratic majority come January 2019.

Krishnamoorthi said he wants to work on bipartisan infrastructure and prescription drug pricing legislation, as well as "deliver on [Democrat] promises to help working families."

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