Pete Hegseth blasted NBC News political director Chuck Todd Sunday for calling Trump voters "gullible" and questioning whether they are unable to "discern the BS from the non-BS."

Todd, the anchor of "Meet The Press," said at a journalists conference in Washington that he suffered a "shock to [my] system" in "just how gullible a big chunk of the country was to" Donald Trump's candidacy.

"And, gullible," Todd, 46, added. "Because, maybe they want to be gullible."

"[I] assumed people were discerning it out and knew the BS from the non-BS," Todd said of Trump's bid for the White House.

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Hegseth said on "Fox & Friends" that Todd was effectively "calling them dumb."

Gary Abernathy, a freelance reporter and former publisher of the Hillsboro Times-Gazette in Ohio, said Todd's remarks were just another example of "the elite press" failing to understand Trump voters.

Abernathy said he is not necessarily a Trump supporter, but felt the need to stand up for Trump voters in the face of slights coming from people like Todd and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton -- who said the Republican's supporters belong in a "basket of deplorables."

"It's very unfortunate," Abernathy said.

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