Rep. Kevin Brady discussed the threat of a government shutdown on "Cavuto Live" Saturday, saying it all comes down to which wing of the Democratic Party has control of Nancy Pelosi.

Thursday afternoon, the House and Senate approved a stopgap spending bill to avert a partial government shutdown. The new deadline is 11:59:59 pm on Dec. 21.

"At the end of the day, the question isn't about the wall, it isn't about border security -- nobody believes our border is really secure. It's really about who controls Nancy Pelosi," Brady (R-Texas) said. "Is it the more moderate, centrist part of her party? Or the more extreme part?"

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He pointed out that a handful of Democrats have told Pelosi (D-Calif.) that if she compromises on border security funding at all, they will not back her bid for House Speaker when Democrats take the House in January.

In a secret-ballot vote last month, Pelosi won the support of 203 House Democrats. She needs 218 votes in a House floor vote on Jan. 3 to secure the speakership.

"This is really about what direction the Democrat Party's going to take up in Washington," Brady said.

He noted that President Trump has backed off his demand for $25 billion in funding for border security, and is now only asking for $5 billion.

Pelosi, however, has signaled she won't accept any deal that includes funding for Trump's long-promised border wall, which she dubbed "immoral, ineffective and expensive."

"The incoming Speaker has to make the argument that she won't compromise at all," Brady said, adding progressives are holding Pelosi "hostage" on this issue.

Watch the "Cavuto Live" interview above.

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