Alan Dershowitz joined the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts Saturday morning to share his key takeaways from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's court filings.

Mueller on Friday filed a sentencing memo for President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen and a court filing for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

"Mueller has come up with far less than he hoped for," Dershowitz said.

He explained that the Manafort filing reveals the former Trump campaign chairman is not cooperating in the investigation, and the Cohen memo doesn't reveal anything new about hush money payments to women who allegedly had sexual encounters with Trump.

"It's a very, very weak case that Cohen has provided," Dershowitz said. "I suspect that may be the reason he's getting very little in terms of sentencing consideration."

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He said the most likely result of the Mueller probe is a long report that tries to piece together a "mosaic" that shows Trump committed "political sin, but not federal crime."

"So that's the most likely scenario -- no crime, but political sin -- which would be a complete distortion of what the role of a special counsel is supposed to be," Dershowitz said.

He said the worst-case scenario for the president, on the other hand, would be if Mueller has yet-unseen evidence of criminal conduct.

He offered a hypothetical example that some in the media have discussed.

"If, in fact, anybody offered [Russian President Vladimir] Putin a penthouse in a building in exchange for Putin giving permission to build the building in Moscow, that could arguably violate the Federal Corrupt Practices Act," Dershowitz said. "But I've seen no evidence to support that."

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