Newt Gingrich joined Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith on "America's Newsroom" Friday to react to President Trump's picks for the next attorney general and U.N. ambassador.

Trump announced Friday that he plans to nominate William Barr, the George H.W. Bush-era leader of the Justice Department, as his next attorney general, as well as State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert to succeed outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The nominations, which had been widely expected, were confirmed by the president as he prepared to leave Washington for a conference in Missouri.

Gingrich, who worked with Barr during the first Bush administration and knew him for years before, said he is a man of great intelligence and integrity.

"I think that he will be confirmed readily by the Senate," Gingrich said. "He brings a level of stability and knowledge to the Justice Department that I think will be very powerful."

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As for Nauert, a former Fox News Channel host, Gingrich said she's a "very solid pick" for U.N. ambassador.

He noted that Nauert has worked at the State Department for nearly two years, and she has been involved in key meetings and discussions, including working very closely with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

"I think there's a real sense that she can communicate effectively. And remember, a major part of the United Nations ambassador's job is public diplomacy."

He said that Haley has done a great job in the role, and he believes Nauert is "a very good choice in the same tradition."

"It's interesting to me, in the middle of all this talk about Mueller and all this noise, here you have the president making a great pick for attorney general and a very solid pick for the U.N."

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