Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker said former FBI Director James Comey "thoroughly discredited" himself and "broke every rule in the book."

Comey held a closed-door six-hour bout of testimony to joint congressional committees earlier Friday. Comey reportedly answered questions regarding the Clinton email probe and the events surrounding his 2017 firing at the hands of President Trump.

Swecker, who served during the George W. Bush administration, said he worked with Comey and respected him but added that the Yonkers, N.Y. native made up new rules and leaked" information to the public.

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"He basically confirmed the perception of the American people of pretty expansive bias on the part of himself and his inner circle," Swecker said. "I think he's been thoroughly discredited."

Swecker said Comey would have fired him if he held a press conference and publicly exonerated someone, as the director did for Hillary Clinton in July 2016.

Swecker added that he "fully supports" Robert Mueller's special counsel probe, and the man himself. Mueller was FBI director under Bush when Swecker was also working in the J. Edgar Hoover building.

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