Tucker Carlson said that in the name of defending American democracy, Democrats and the left are actually weakening democracy.

Carlson said that the left's eagerness to root-on Bob Mueller and the special counsel probe of President Donald Trump, they are in effect opposing tenets they once stood for.

"Liberals [used to] support free speech and due process -- and sided with wage earners over millionaires," Carlson said. "They didn't want to live in a crowded country."

Carlson said the Democrats are gleefully watching their "political opponents being harassed" by Mueller and his prosecutors, while also claiming the former FBI director is politically untouchable.

He said they see executive oversight of Mueller -- an executive branch employee -- an "impeachable offense" and see the 74-year-old as a "god-prosecutor accountable only to himself."

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"Whatever happened to representative government?" Carlson asked, noting that Democrats claimed to be the party of democracy in that way.

He said that in the name of defending democracy -- by unflappably supporting Mueller -- they are actually weakening it by celebrating an all-but unaccountable bureaucrat who has no political link to voters, as a president or congressman does.

Carlson said Democrats could come to "deeply regret" their celebration, especially if a similar special counsel is appointed to investigate a future Democrat president.

Former Obama campaign staffer Robin Biro partially agreed with Carlson, noting that the Flynn memo released this week revealed that there are two other unspecified investigations within the Mueller probe that could indeed be against his fellow Democrats.

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